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Guardian Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.
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Guardian Fabrication
"Quality worksmanship and dependability is our goal."

Guardian entered into the fabrication business in order to provide our clients with an alternative to doing their own in-house fabrication. When our customers outsource their fabrication with us, they can rely on:

  • Consistently delivering to the job site when you want it
    Having the job delivered on time eliminates having your employees waiting around. You can start the job sooner and leave it earlier.
  • An intense focus on quality worksmanship
    Having welds leak is NOT an option. We offer all of our customer Perma Weld sealant on our welds free of charge. Therfore, you can finish a job and not worry about having to return for system fixes.
  • Customizing the job to the client's specifications
    We mold our services around our customer's preferences to the best of our ability. We remember that our clients come first!
  • Being a cost effective solution
    Because the fire sprinkler industry is cyclical, you can smooth the highs and lows of your balance sheet and make your business more stabile by outsourcing your fabrication.

Overall, we want you to think that Guardian Fabrication is an extension of your business.

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